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  • "I was very pleased with the service that I recieved. Quick and efficient for my emergency need."
    Kurt, Broadview
    "My dental assistant was great! I'm terrified of dentists and she made me feel better by reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. And she kept asking me if I was ok and asked me if I needed to take a break. I really liked that she was so caring. I even asked her if she was going to be there my next visit."
    Amanda, Puritas
    "Linda provided superior, friendly service. Dr. "A" was very cordial, efficient and professional. Thank you!"
    Tomas, Lutheran
    "The young lady who cleaned my teeth was the nicest! I am very nervous when I go to the dentist...and she made it easy. Thank you!"
    Deanne, Bedford
    I have to tell you what a great staff you have. I felt like I had to personally thank you for either the serious "red-carpet" treatment because I am the copier guy; or (probably more accurately) the great customer service culture that I witnessed is just how you guys do business. Either way thank you and you should be very proud of every single member of the staff that I dealt with from Cecilia to Todd and everyone at the Middleburg office.
    Chris Scalera

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About Hudec

Dr. John Hudec has been a life-long believer in the City of Cleveland.  While other colleagues were starting dental practices in the suburbs and outside the City of Cleveland, Dr. Hudec went against the norm and opted for the City as his foundation.  In November of 1977, Dr. John Hudec opened the doors to his 1 operatory practice at 4283 Pearl Road in Cleveland.  Dr. Hudec was the Doctor, Hygienist, Assistant, EFDA, Office Manager and Patient Coordinator.  He waited for that first walk-in patient to come through his doors.  Soon one patient turned into two and two into four.  The practice grew as word of mouth spread regarding the care that Dr. Hudec provided.  Dr. Hudec focused on doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well in all that he did.  As more patients came, the need was created for more staff and more locations to meet the increased patient demand.

The old fashioned way of building a practice allowed for substantial growth throughout the past 4 decades.  Hudec Dental has now grown in excess of 100,000 patient visits a year throughout its 19 neighborhood locations.  From 1 employee, Hudec Dental now is proud to employ over 250 dental professionals. Hudec Dental has now expanded their services to the Youngstown community. This growth will allow Hudec Dental to provide the quality care that everyone deserves.

Initial Visit

During the time reserved for your initial visit with Hudec Dental you can expect our professional staff to listen to your dental concerns and answer all of your questions thoroughly.  We are confident that we will not only meet but exceed all of your dental needs!  At their first visit our new patients can expect:
  • A tour of the office
  • Staff Introductions
  • Warm caring environment
  • A Review of your Medical History
  • A Comprehensive Oral Evaluation or Comprehensive Dental and Periodontal Examination
  • Treatment plan with dental goals and phases
  • Financial Consultations
  • Insurance Benefit Analysis
  • Latest techniques in sterilization
  • Clinical digitization
We have made our patient registration forms available online for your convenience.  Please take a moment to fill them out and submit them.   This will help expedite the check in process.  We assure you, our system is highly secure, and your personal information will be handled in an extremely confidential manner. To help us better serve you, please provide the following information at the time of your appointment;
  • Any recent X-rays.  In most cases we can obtain these via email from your previous dentist.  Often the quality of X-rays we receive from other doctors is not diagnostic.  In that case, we may need to update your X-rays.
  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • If you have dental insurance, your insurance card.  This will save time and help process claims.
Also, please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern such as diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, etc., or if you are taking any medication (i.e. heart medications, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy, etc.) or require medication prior to dental cleanings (i.e. antibiotics, pre-med, etc.).

Our Purpose

Our Purpose The reason Hudec Dental was founded and the reason it exists today is founded in Our Purpose, or reason for existence.  Simply put, Hudec Dental’s purpose is To improve the quality of life of those we serve.  Every patient we treat, every decision we make is rooted in our company’s purpose.  Hudec Dental also believes in serving and improving the quality of life of our staff.  We have a fiduciary duty to our staff to provide an opportunity for them to grow and develop as dental professionals.  As an organization we must continue to grow and be better today than we were yesterday. Hudec Dental is authentic.  Hudec Dental is different.  Differentiation happens in the How and Why you do something.  The Why is our purpose or cause.  In our case, our purpose is To improve the quality of life of those we serve.  The How is how we show or perform our Why.  At Hudec Dental the How is greeting every patient with a warm smile, firm handshake and friendly welcome.  The How is doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well. True inspiration comes from the Why you do something (To improve the quality of life of those we serve), not What you do (Perform Dental Services).  At Hudec Dental we seek to Inspire, to think differently and challenge the status quo.  Hudec Dental is not a status quo company.  We seek professionals who are not status quo people; we want people to challenge and inspire.

Our Values

Just as we have a reason for existence, or our Purpose, we also have several Core Values that serve as a guiding light for us.  Over time our services, people and even goals may change.   However our Values will remain unchanged forever. We believe in and value:
  • Humanity – We believe in and adhere to the Golden Rule and treating others as we would like to be treated; truly caring for each staff member and patient; becoming involved and supportive of the local community.
  • Honesty – Always upfront and transparent with staff and patients through all spoken and written communications.
  • Healthy – The health of our patients and staff is paramount in everything we do.  In addition to providing services to get our patients healthy, we are committed to educating our patients to improve their own overall health.
  • Happy – We are in the business of improving smiles and confidence.  We seek happy staff and happy patients and do whatever is necessary for happiness.

Our Patients

Confidence At Hudec Dental we make it easy for our patients to feel Confident that they have made the correct decision to come see us. The unique combination of experience, convenience, professional diversity and Cleveland born make Hudec Dental a choice that you can be Confident in making. Experience We have over 39 years of experience in serving Northeast Ohio. Our organization is comprised of experienced dental professionals who operate with the latest in technology and services. You can be Confident that Hudec Dental has the knowledge and appropriate staff to provide proper care for you and your family. Convenience Hudec Dental has 19 convenient neighborhood dental offices throughout Northeast Ohio. Our offices offer convenient night and weekend appointments. Hudec Dental accepts most all insurance plans and will submit all charges to your insurance carrier on your behalf.  In addition to accepting all major forms of payment, we offer interest free financing and extended payment plans. Professional Diversity You can be Confident that Hudec Dental has a dentist that you can relate to. We have both male and female dentists all offering a variety of experiences and languages spoken.  Our team is able to accommodate patients that speak a variety of languages, including:
  • Español
  • 中国的
  • Pусский
  • العربية
  • Português
Cleveland Born and Raised Hudec Dental began in Cleveland with our first patient visit in 1977. Our offices have been built upon the foundation of service and doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well. Hudec Dental is honored to call Cleveland and Northeast Ohio home.

Relax. Smile. Serve

Being Cleveland born and raised, we try to give back to the community as often as we can. We have been serving our patients in the Cleveland area for close to 40 years and serving others is our priority. Our purpose is "to improve the quality of life of those we serve," and we proudly continue to do that even beyond dentistry.

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