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2019 Smile Resolutions

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At Hudec Dental, we strive to improve the quality of life of those we serve and we wanted hear how our patients are planning to improve their smiles this year! In January, we collected our patients 2019 Smile Resolutions and these are some of our favorites!


My #2019SmileResolution is….

“Floss more and take better care of my smile for my little ones!” – Debbie

“To floss and be cavity free!” – Daniel

“I would like to take better care of my mouth!” – Karen

“Whiter teeth, Healthier teeth, Straighter teeth!” – David

“I’d like to reduce my tooth sensitivity & feel more confident when I smile!” – Jennifer

“Floss daily…seriously!” – Felicia

“To have a brighter smile!” – Theodore

“To stop smoking!” – Gregory

“Always wear my night guard!” – Veronica

“Take care to not have any more cavities occur!” – David

“To keep my teeth healthy and no crowns or root canals.” – Roberta

“I want to keep my beautiful smile!” – Laurie

“All my teeth straight and white and no cavities!” – Temeka

“Finally taking care of my teeth and gums! better brushing/flossing habits and less sweets!” – Jenilee

“To always floss after every meal!” – Jasmine

“Smile more!” – Crystal

“To get a straighter, white smile that shows my confidence on a daily basis. Simply beautiful!” – Sharon

“Reduce swelling in my gums by flossing every day!” – Neil

If we can help you with your 2019 Smile Resolution, give us a call at 216-325-9755!


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