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Father’s Day is just around the bend—make sure dad’s teeth are in tip-top shape!

We get it—Dads are expected to be “tough guys,” but even the toughest dad out there is still susceptible to tooth decay! Studies have shown that men are more likely to develop serious dental problems than women—oral and throat cancer rates are far higher among men, as well as various gum diseases. This likely comes from the fact that only 66 percent of men brush their teeth twice a day, and are less likely to change out their toothbrush as often as they should! Dads are busy—but they still need to maintain proper dental hygiene to keep more serious problems at bay.

Since men are more likely to suffer from heart attacks, they are also far more likely to take prescription medicines for high blood pressure and heart health. These medications are notorious for causing dry mouth and inhibiting salivary flow. The flow of saliva is crucial for washing away the germs that cause cavities, so dry mouth is bacteria’s playground! Remind dad to take extra care of his teeth if he’s on any kind of heart medication or antidepressant.

Tobacco and Alcohol Use
Guys, you’re busted! More than 90 percent of smokeless tobacco (chew, dip, snuff, etc…) used in the U.S. is consumed by men, and the percentage of male smokers is higher than female in every single U.S. state and territory. Smoking and smokeless tobacco directly results in a plethora of health problems including COPD, lung cancer, heart disease and many more…and your mouth and throat are at a huge risk. Everything from tooth discoloration and loss to the more serious oral cancer stems from tobacco use, smokeless and non.

Alcohol use is yet another massive risk to your mouth and gums, and men are 50 percent more likely to binge drink than women. Alcohol is essentially acid and sugar, both of which are detrimental to your tooth enamel and gums. Alcohol can also increase risk of mouth, throat and esophageal cancer. Heavy drinkers are also three times more likely than a non-drinker to suffer permanent tooth loss. A glass of red wine once a week is still fine, but avoid habitual drinking! (More than just your teeth will thank you for it!)

What can you do?

  • Talk to your dad about his oral health! It’s important he runs a tight ship when it comes to his teeth!
  • Schedule checkups together at your local Hudec Dental office—Dad is more likely to go if he has someone to go with!
  • Encourage your dad to take care of himself. You want him around for the long haul, and good health includes a healthy mouth!
  • Hear more about men’s dental problems from our very own Dr. Vincent Mancuso in this article

Hudec Dental is here for all dads! Schedule an appointment at one of our 18 offices today at 216-325-9755.

Happy Father’s Day!

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