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Protect Your Chompers From the Monsters

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When Halloween rolls around, kids pull out the costumes, and dentists roll up their sleeves. Everyone knows that eventually those two pounds of sweets your child picked up trick-or-treating are going to end up in somebody’s mouth — most likely yours or your child’s. While any type of sugar left in your teeth can be a breeding ground for bacteria, the worst Halloween candy may cause major damage to your pearly whites, possibly resulting in a dental visit or even a trip to the emergency room.

With that in mind, what types of Halloween candy are best for you to avoid?

Sticky Is Icky

Sticky candy is at the top of the worst Halloween candy list. These include nougat-centered chocolate bars, as well as more obvious types like taffies, caramels, and gummies.

Sticky candy is, well, sticky. It has a tendency of pulling the brackets right off your child’s newly tightened braces, and yanking the crowns and caps off your teeth too. Any accidental removal of dental hardware means another trip to the orthodontist or dentist to restore loose or missing pieces in your mouth.

Sticky candy also remains on the tooth enamel longer, causing more decay on the surface of your teeth. Over time enough of this decay can cause cavities, which your dentist will need to fill with restorative material.

Hard Candy

Hard candy also tops the list of worst Halloween candy to eat. These generally include lollipops, mints, and other types of flavored sweets. Normally, it is eaten in one of two ways — a person may either chew through the candy or suck on it until it is gone. Both ways are not healthy for your teeth.

Chewing hard candy may produce major repercussions in the short- and long-term, possibly resulting in chipped or broken teeth in the short-term and enamel wear in the long-term. When hard candies are sucked, sugar is circulated around the oral cavity for a longer period of time than normal. While amylase in your saliva is working to break down the sugar, the bacteria in your mouth is also consuming it rapidly, producing residue that contributes to tooth decay and causes gum inflammation.

Take Care

While sticky and hard candy are not necessarily forbidden, it is recommended that you make sure to brush and floss your teeth well after consumption to keep bacteria at bay. It’s best to avoid sticky or hard candy while wearing retainers, braces, or any other kind of dental hardware.

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