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Oral Hygiene Can Impact Your Overall Health

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When taking care of your overall health, it’s easy to name the obvious: healthy eating, exercise, restful sleep, and routine wellness exams. But did you know your teeth and gum health can affect your heart, lungs and other organs? Not taking the time to form good oral hygiene habits may cause harm in ways that might surprise you.

Not Just Cavities

While a little bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay, or even a root canal may not seem like a big deal, poor oral hygiene can lead to much more serious complications. Unless you are careful to keep your teeth and gums clean, it’s possible to develop severe gum disease, suffer tooth loss, contract pneumonia, or get an infection.

Heart Protection And More

Some research actually shows that heart attacks may be linked to periodontal disease (a disease of the gums). The connection might be due to bacteria entering your blood through damaged gums. These bacteria then travel to the heart where they may contribute to clogging of the arteries. Think about it – brushing and flossing might actually save you from a heart attack!

Gum disease might also be linked to diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. For example, when periodontal disease is treated effectively, diabetes control improves. Good oral hygiene, therefore, is an essential part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Follow The Two-By-Two Rule

Most dentists go by the 2×2 rule: brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes. This simple habit may greatly decrease your likelihood of developing cavities, gum disease, or other illness. To improve your routine, you may also choose to brush after every meal to be certain your teeth are free from leftover food. However, don’t get overzealous. Brushing too often with hard bristles can lead to enamel wear on your teeth.

Another essential of good oral hygiene is to floss at least once a day. Cavities often develop in these hard-to-access areas unless you take the time necessary to pull out caught debris.

Get Regular Check-Ups

Visiting your dentist for a regular check-up every six months will keep your mouth healthy and clean. When you see your dentist, you have the opportunity to have your teeth examined carefully and perhaps even x-rayed to check for decay.

An assistant or hygienist will also remove tartar and plaque that have accumulated on your teeth. The longer plaque stays on your teeth, the more likely it will turn into tartar which can lead to further tooth and gum problems. By going to your regular six month check-up, you keep your teeth and gums healthy and protect your overall heath too.

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