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Take Action Now! Losing Your Money May Cause You to Lose Your Teeth!

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Hello Everyone,

We didn’t mean to alarm anyone, but every year the same thing happens over and over again. Patients end up losing out on a ton of treatments by not fully using their dental insurance benefits, the benefits they have worked hard to earn!

Dental insurance benefits do NOT carry over into the next year. This means the benefits you do have will expire come December 31st, so make an appointment with your local Hudec Dental office before it is too late.

We know that health insurance and dental insurance are not small expenses. This is why it so important patients use their benefits. Not to mention, the benefits offered by dental insurance provide the very basic needs to maintain proper dental hygiene! Don’t cheat your mouth and wallet book simultaneously.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your dental health insurance benefits.

  1. Know Your Benefits You’d be surprised by how many patients don’t know what benefits their dental insurance provides. If you don’t know call the company for a detailed list. Keep this record in a safe place where you will actually remember it.
  2. If You Are Unhappy with Your Benefits Don’t be afraid to shop around for a different plan. There are a wide variety of dental plans out there which offer different benefits. Choose one that matches your dental needs, because this can end up saving you a large amount of money in the end. You can ask us for a list of dental plans we accept to help narrow the search.
  3. It’s All About Planning Once you are aware of what you need to do to keep on top of your benefits, it is easy enough to plan out a year’s worth of dental work. Come visit Hudec Dental regularly to make sure you don’t end up losing out on not only money, but also your dental health!
  4. Take Action Now! Due to the year wrapping up, dental offices are often busy come the end of the year. Schedule your appointment NOW so we can see you before 2016 rolls around!

Smile like you deserve, with the benefits you’ve earned! Come see Hudec Dental today!

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