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Don’t let sugary drinks destroy your smile

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It is no secret that sugary drinks are bad for your teeth. What most people don’t know is that sometimes a “healthier” drink, while lighter on the calories, may be just as bad for your teeth as a soda. This article from the American Dental Association gives a few examples of drinks you may not think twice about when it comes to sugar content, along with tips to still enjoy these beverages without compromising your smile.

“Some of the most common beverages that Americans drink actually have loads of sugar, even drinks that are marketed as “healthy” or “all natural”. If you think you’re safe with drinks like juice, think again! A glass of apple juice can contain a similar amount of sugar to glass of soda. According to the USDA, sugar should make up no more than 10% of your daily calories. For women, that is 10-15 tsp. per day. For men, it’s 12.5-18.75 tsp. Just one glass of that apple juice would put many people at (or just under) their entire daily limit.”

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