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Here at Hudec Dental, we want our patients to feel confident that they are receiving the best care and are treated as our number one priority! Each month we select one of our wonderful employees to go beyond their titles and dive into who they really are. This month’s featured employee is Dawn Ferringer, a member of our Patient Care and Support Center team. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about her!

Dawn is an Ohio native who grew up in Hubbard, Ohio, a small town on the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line near Youngstown. It was so small that when she had a snow day from school, the town would close the main road in the center of town for everyone to sled ride down. When Dawn got married, she moved to Chesapeake Virginia for five years where she developed her love for the ocean.

Dawn has been a Hudec Dental employee for five years now and she takes pride in being the first one in the office every day at 7:30. She loves that she gets to find the right fit for each patient when they call in and makes sure that she does each and every patient right. Dawn’s favorite quote is “God gave us two hands, one for helping ourselves and one for helping others.” That quote is why she loves that she gets to help people in need every day. She even told us about a time where she had a patient cry because she was so helpful and there to listen to them instead of trying to get through the phone call as fast as possible.

Dawn’s advice to new employees in the healthcare field would be to listen. “A lot of patients just want to be heard, so listen. Patients give you a lot of valuable information in the first few sentences.”

Something you may be surprised to know is that she loved to four-wheel and ride dirt bikes as a kid. She said she would still be riding today if she had one! She also loves football and even yells at the TV during Browns games, it’s surprising that she still has a voice to talk with patients on Monday mornings! Dawn loves to travel and see diverse cultures, her favorite place she has been to would be the Cayman Islands. She also loves kayaking and camping when she’s not spending time with her family and grandchildren.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Dawn Ferringer just like we have over the last 5 years!


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