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Featured Employee – Angie Pinto

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At Hudec Dental, we take pride in our caring employees throughout all 20 offices. We want our patients to feel confident that they are receiving the best care and are treated as our number one priority. Each month, we choose a “featured employee” to go beyond their titles and to share more about who they really are. Our featured employee this month is Angie Pinto, the Office Manager at our Lakewood office. Enjoy!

Angie Pinto was born in Chicago and grew up in Cleveland. She graduated as a Dental Assistant but decided to change her career path to become a Patient Coordinator at our Lutheran office. Angie worked at that location for just over a year and was later promoted to her current position as an Office Manager at our Lakewood office. When asked what Angie likes most about Hudec Dental, she said, “the opportunities to grow, and the awesome employees! I have met the best people working for Hudec Dental.” Her advice to new hires is “enjoy every step of this journey. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because asking questions is the most simple and effective way of learning.”

When Angie is not in the office, she loves playing the piano, singing, and listening to live music. She also enjoys activities such as playing pool, working out, participating in church activities, and reading. A fun fact about Angie is that her first name is actually Angieneth, and her parents combined their names to create hers. Her dad’s name is Angel, and her mom’s name is Angela Yaneth (pronounced Janet), so they created “Angieneth.” Her favorite quote is “be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

Angie is proud of her achievements at Hudec Dental and is always eager to learn and grow. She has a passion for helping each patient and employee in every way she can. “I am grateful for how far I’ve come, and excited for what the future holds. The more I learn, the more I can help others learn too.”

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