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Featured Employee – Maria Rodriguez

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At Hudec Dental, we want our patients to feel comfortable with our staff and confident that they are receiving the best care. Each month, we like to feature an employee to show a different perspective on what Hudec Dental means to them, and how they show that patients are their number one priority. This month’s featured employee is Maria Rodriguez, who has a passion to make a difference in the lives of those she serves.

Maria Rodriguez is a Dental Lab Technician who is driven each day by being a part of each patient’s smile. Maria attended Ponce Paramedical College and studied to become a Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions (EFDA). She was born in Puerto Rico and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She is happily married with two handsome and creative teenagers, James (16) and Alex (15). Outside of work, Maria enjoys nature, going on walks, and having picnics with her family. She also enjoys spending time with her adorable Jack Russell who is always excited to greet her as soon as she comes home. Her favorite movie is “Up,” and her favorite colors are blue, pink, and purple. In her spare time, she also likes to go shopping.

When she first started as a Dental Lab Technician, she was waxing dentures, learning different skillsets, and looking to help in every way she could. From there, she started finishing and polishing dentures and partials. A typical day for Maria includes examining processed dentures and trimming and cleaning them to return the base to its original shape. Then, she reviews and cleans the teeth that have plaster. Finally, she shines and polishes the dentures. Maria’s favorite part about Hudec Dental is feeling truly valued for her work. She feels appreciated by those she works with by a simple “good job” or “thank you,” and describes her work environment as a caring family. She is motivated to improve as a professional and continue to be a part of the positive changes at Hudec Dental.

Maria is inspired by the opportunity to grow and expand her skills while helping others achieve the smile they have been longing for. Her advice to Hudec Dental new hires is to be willing to be corrected, have initiative, be willing to help others, have a good relationship with co-workers, and above all – remember to put yourself in the patients’ shoes to ensure they are receiving the best care.

“I am a person who likes to learn and grow. I like to help others, find solutions to problems, and maintain peace among our team to achieve a better quality of work.” – Maria Rodriguez

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