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Featured Employee – Micah Hutz

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Dental anxiety happens because patients see doctors and hygienists as practitioners only. Our goal at Hudec Dental is to assure our patients that we’re the experts in the industry, and their smiles are our number one priority. We take pride in our caring employees throughout every office, and each month, we’re going beyond the titles to share who our employees really are. This month’s featured employee is a Micah Hutz, a Dental Assistant who goes above and beyond for every patient. Enjoy!

Micah Hutz was born in Akron, Ohio, and is the youngest of 9 siblings. He grew up in Portage Lakes, Ohio, and graduated from Bryman College. Micah has lived in many other places throughout the U.S. including Up State New York, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington. Now that he is back in the Cleveland area, his favorite activity is spending time at the lake.

Micah began his journey here at Hudec Dental in 2016 as a Dental Assistant. He started working at our Lorain office after his wife, Tanera, a registered Dental Hygienist at our Midtown office, encouraged him to leave his private practice to work here. He was also inspired to join Hudec Dental because he knew it would be a great place to express his passion for helping others. When Micah is not in the office, he enjoys listening to the radio, tending to his plants, eating good food, and traveling. Although he has traveled to many places, he would still like to go to Japan if he could go anywhere in the world. Micah says that his greatest achievement was taking a month off from life and riding a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco. He loved the adventure of taking back roads the entire way with no plan and “just winging it.” Micah’s favorite quote is “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

When asked what his favorite part of working for Hudec Dental, he explained that it is hard to pick only one thing. Overall, he enjoys the fast paced, family-like atmosphere, and caring nature of the employees he works with. His advice to new hires is to keep an open mind to new ideas and to learn from those around you. “I love helping others and seeing patients leave the office healthier and happier than when they came in!” -Micah Hutz

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