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42 Reasons to Smile for Hudec Dental’s 42nd Anniversary

Hudec Dental
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On November 23, we are celebrating 42 years of serving our community! Hudec Dental started as one neighborhood dental office in the City of Cleveland. We have taken that same community-friendly spirit to each of our 20 present-day locations. To celebrate these 42 great years, here are 42 reasons to smile!

  1. Our Motto – 1 Patient, 1 Priority!
  2. Getting 2 teeth cleanings at Hudec Dental every year!
  3. Training your dog is easier when you look happy!
  4. Smiling relieves stress!
  5. Dimples! Do I need to say more?
  6. Smiling makes you more attractive!
  7. Smiling makes you live longer, around 7 years according to one study!
  8. Smiling more often becomes a habit!
  9. 9 out of 10 Dentists that recommend Crest!
  10. The 10th Dentist that doesn’t recommend Crest!
  11. Smiles are multi-lingual!
  12. Smiling can help you land that new job… or keep your current one!
  13. Smiling is contagious!
  14. Smiling boosts your Immune System!
  15. Smiling might give someone hope!
  16. Smiling lowers your blood pressure!
  17. It takes 17 muscles to smile & 43 to frown!
  18. Smiling makes you look younger!
  19. Smiling makes you seem more successful!
  20. 20 Hudec Dental locations around Northeast Ohio!
  21. Smiling helps you stay positive!
  22. Smiling triggers a “feel-good party” in your brain!
  23. Hudec Dental’s Anniversary on November 23rd!
  24. Smiling lowers your heart rateeven in stressful situations!
  25. Smiling increases your energy!
  26. Smiling makes us feel good!
  27. Getting smiled at makes you feel happier!
  28. Smiling makes you look reliable!
  29. Smiling makes you look trustworthy!
  30. Smiling makes you look relaxed!
  31. Smiling makes you look in control, even when you don’t feel it!
  32. Smiling helps graceful aging. Laugh lines, not frown lines!
  33. Smiling makes you look approachable!
  34. Thinking about all the food you’re going to eat on Thanksgiving!
  35. 35 Hudec Dental Dentists!
  36. Smiling could make someone fall in love with you!
  37. Smiling connects you to the people around you even when they’re strangers!
  38. Smiling makes you more interesting!
  39. Smiling is good for your reputation!
  40. Smiling makes you less intimidating!
  41. Smiling makes you sound friendlier on the phone!
  42. Hudec Dental’s 42nd  Anniversary!

If you didn’t have a reason to smile today, just think about this list! We are so thankful for all of our staff, doctors, and most of all YOU, our amazing patients!

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