9 Reasons You Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment in 2019

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New Year, New…. Smile!

9 Reasons in 2019, you should consider orthodontic treatment:

  1. Not only does orthodontic treatment help your teeth look nice (helping your self-esteem and affecting your appearance) but it is also important that your teeth are straight. Straight teeth can also make taking care of your dental health needs more efficient by easier access to your basic oral hygiene, easier restorations if needed & so your teeth can wear evenly.
  2. Orthodontic treatment also improves the way you bite down on your teeth. There are many ways a person can bite down. Some of the common bite types are: under bite, over bite, crossbite, spacing, crowding or your dental mid-line could be off. Any type of bite issue can lead to severe problems, but with orthodontic treatment there are many ways for an orthodontic provider to treat you and relieve those bite issues.
  3. It can relive tooth decay. Let me explain… When you have crowded teeth, it can very hard for you to reach those tight spots in between or around a specific tooth. Overtime when you are constantly missing that same spot repeatedly, it will then start to decay. Also, like in reason number 1, this makes restorations very difficult for a general provider. You may lose more tooth in the process due to no space for the filling to be done properly.
  4. It can help with your speech. Speech impediments can sometimes we due to placement of teeth in your mouth. If you have severe crowding or spacing it may affect the way you talk. When we perform orthodontic treatment, we can straighten out all your teeth which can improve your speech.
  5. Improves jaw or TMJ pain. If you have clicking in your jaw or you have severe jaw pain, it could be because the way you bite down isn’t sufficient enough. Orthodontic treatment is not only braces, it can be several different fixed appliances or even removable appliances to help relive some of these common issues.
  6. Do you sometimes have difficulty chewing or eating your food? It could be that your bite is off, or you have areas where food gets stuck, in that case we can treat you with orthodontic care. We can help you enjoy all the foods you desire when we straighten out all of your teeth and the way you bite down. This is critical and happens to many people.
  7. If you have sleep apnea or severe snoring, we can treat that as well. You may be thinking, how? Well, we can make the structures of your mouth more ideal for better airflow.
  8. Some people at night especially grind/clench their teeth. It’s a very common nervous habit. We can help this by creating a night guard. This will prevent you from damaging your enamel by the grind/clench and protect your mouth from future restorations.
  9. Financials—Some people think that braces are too much to afford, but think of it as a lifetime investment. We work hand in hand with you at Hudec Dental to make sure you can get the best deal possible. We offer many different options and will whatever it takes to get you on track for the treatment you need. Don’t put it off any longer! Call us today at 216-325-0822!

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