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A Guide to Loving Your Braces this Month <3

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February is here and love is in the air, so we want you to know there are many ways you can go about loving yourself and loving your braces. Here are some tips Hudec Dental would like to give you to show you how to better love your braces this month!

Tip #1: BEWARE–Valentine’s Day Candy

Not all valentines are as sweet as they seem. There will be many opportunities this month you can break a bracket. How, you may ask? Well during February many stores will be selling Valentine’s day candy. This is your time to shine! You’re so much better than a heart-shaped sucker or LaffyTaffy valentines. Tell your secret valentine you want to stick to chocolates rather than the hard/sticky candies.

Tip #2: Drink Lots of Water

Most water has fluoride in it. This will help strengthen your enamel, which is actually the strongest substance in the human body! You’ll want strong enamel on your teeth especially when eating chocolates and other sweets. Remember, you can’t replace your enamel; once it’s gone it’s gone for good. After eating or drinking sweets, rinse with water so that those residual sugars are not resting on your teeth and breaking your enamel down.

Tip #3: Brush Immediately & Schedule Your Next Follow-Up

Especially with braces, after you eat something sweet you will want to not only drink water but also brush your teeth as soon as you can. The longer you wait to brush after eating something sweet, the easier it is for your teeth to decay. You should make sure all your hygiene appointments and regular dental visits are scheduled as well as your orthodontic check up every 4-6 weeks. This is because we are all on the same page in dental health and we all want the best possible outcome for you. No cavities here!

Tip #4: Floss Threaders Are Your Friends

After brushing you must floss! Things will always get stuck in your braces especially candy and sweets. Floss threaders are the best thing you can use, weave in a piece of floss and voila! It may take a couple of minutes to do this correctly, but totally worth it in the long run. It will leave your secret valentine totally impressed that you take care of your teeth.

Bonus Tip: Just In the Movies

We’ve seen romantic comedies, awkward teen flicks, and dramatic soaps. A love-struck couple goes in for a kiss, and both parties have braces, and…. stuck at the mouth. If you have braces, scenes like that will really only ever exist in movies, as it is very unlikely to happen.

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