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November 11th is Veterans Day, and we remember those who have fought for and defended our country. Men and women, living and passed, who have bravely stood up for what they believe in. At Hudec Dental, we are honored to serve those who have served our country!

Veterans and active military have devoted their lives to protecting this great nation—but even after their safe return, they still face a long road. United States veterans tend to suffer exponentially higher cases of homelessness and substance abuse problems than the average American—and this contributes to a higher number of dental problems among veterans.

While services like the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Veteran Service Commission (VSC) and others do continue to provide care to veterans, the need and demand are far greater than can be handled. At any point in the year, there are half-a-million homeless veterans and more waiting for help from the VA (which can only handle about 20% of veterans in need). While we are unable to directly help if they are suffering from PTSD, waiting on a prescription refill, or in need of physical therapy, Hudec Dental is absolutely willing and able to help when it comes to dental care.

Hudec Dental is proud to step up and offer only the best dental care to veterans and active military. With our competitive American Heroes Military Discount Dental Plan, veterans and their immediate families can receive the top-notch dental care they deserve, right in the offices you know and trust. If you or a loved one is a veteran or active military, give us a call and ask about American Heroes today at 216-325-9755. We love our veterans at Hudec, and we stand with them this Veterans Day!

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