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Brides, Bouquets, and BOTOX

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It’s wedding season! And that means… Brides, Bouquets, and BOTOX of course! Across the nation, more and more dental offices are beginning to offer more than just a checkup or cleaning—one can find BOTOX on the list of services provided by your dentist. For those seeking to make their smile even more radiant this wedding season, BOTOX at the dentist could be the answer. Imagine polishing up your teeth and erasing laugh-lines all at once for a one-stop smile overhaul!
While everyone deserves to look their best, especially on their wedding day, most folks don’t utilize every option available. Namely BOTOX—the number-one selling product of its kind and most highly-trusted cosmetic treatment, enjoyed by millions around the world. There’s no reason you can’t be next! BOTOX comes with a long list of benefits that you should most definitely be taking advantage of:

Reducing The Signs of Aging
Of course, the most well-known and sought-after BOTOX result is the dramatic decreasing of frown lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

Lifting The Brow
As we age, our brows can begin to droop—over time, BOTOX can help lift your brow, giving your face a fresher, younger appearance!

Reducing Excessive Sweating
Sweat is a daily problem that needs constant combating—especially in the upcoming summer months. Taking a preemptive strike against perspiration will make your life that much easier!

Fixing Temporomandibular Joint Problems
From a strictly dental standpoint, BOTOX has been used for years by dentists to fix the hinge joint which connects your jaw to your skull. Clicking, popping, your jaw getting “stuck”, pain…these problems can arise and be promptly remedied with a little BOTOX.

Reducing Migraines
It’s a little-known fact that BOTOX has been reported by faithful users to reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate, migraine headaches! While it’s not a promised result, it’s definitely worth a try if you suffer from migraines!

Most BOTOX treatments yield results in as little as 24-48 hours, and last up to four months—considering the cost involved (BOTOX normally costs less than half than similar treatments), you can’t go wrong!
BOTOX is minimally invasive: the actual injection process takes only 10-15 minutes, and takes little to no anesthetics. There’s also no recovery time—surgical facelifts can have a recovery period of two weeks. But with BOTOX, you can return to your normal, daily routine the minute you leave your specialist’s office. It is temporary—should you be displeased with your BOTOX treatment, all you have to do is wait!
Don’t forget that it’s wedding season! If you’re a bride or in a bridal party, BOTOX will make you look even more radiant! Step into the Euclid or Strongsville branches of Hudec Dental for the very best service and skilled, certified BOTOX specialists! Give them minutes, and get back ten years!

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