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Brightening Your Life By Whitening

Dr. Natalia Katsman

A smile is often the first impression you give someone, and it can be the key to your success. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, family pictures, or just a night out with your friends, a brighter smile will always bring out your confidence!

Here are some tips to get your pearly whites their whitest:

Always start with a dental exam and cleaning

  • Whichever way you choose to bleach, it is essential to remove any stains or tartar buildup caked on your teeth.  If you don’t, the whitening treatment will then be attaching to the stains or tartar and not your teeth.
  • A dentist can let you know about any dental work you have or may need before bleaching. Broken fillings or untreated decay can lead to extreme sensitivity while whitening. Also, dental crowns and fillings will never change colors, and may need to be replaced after bleaching. A dentist can help customize your bleaching to help you achieve your brightest smile.
  • There are several ways to bleach, ranging from over the counter strips, to custom fit bleaching trays, to in-chair bleaching at the dental office. Your dentist can work with you and your personal tolerance to sensitivity, timeline for bleaching, and budget to determine what will work best for you.
  • It is very important to continue to brush and floss regularly before, during and after bleaching.  This will help preserve the whitening and lengthen the time between bleaching procedures.

Food for thought

There has been a lot of press about the use of coconut oil in whitening teeth, but no true scientific research. The best way to keep your teeth bright after bleaching is to avoid stain-causing foods. Stay away from fruits that will discolor teeth, like blueberries, betel nuts and blackberries. Rinse with water after red wine, coffee and other dark beverages. Always ask your dentist about any concerning foods in your diet.

For more on the teeth whitening options Hudec Dental provides or to request an appointment, click here!

Happy bleaching!

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Dr. Natalia Katsman

Dr. Natalia Katsman

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