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At Hudec Dental, we want our patients to feel confident that they are receiving the best care and are treated as our number one priority. We take pride in our caring employees throughout every office and, each month, we choose a “featured employee” to go beyond their titles and to share more about who our employees really are. Our featured employee this month is Ed Pritchard, a driver who simplifies Hudec Dental’s day-to-day operations and exchanges with the dental lab. Enjoy learning a little bit about him!

Ed was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in Cuyahoga Heights. He graduated from Cuyahoga Heights High School, class of 1975. He served in the United States Air Force from 1975-1979, and was honorably discharged. Ed attended Case Western Police Academy and became a police officer, served Cuyahoga Heights as an officer for 28 years, and retired as a Captain.

Ed started working for Hudec Dental after he retired from the police force. He was looking for a job that allowed him to be home by 2 p.m., and ran into Mike Hudec, COO, while Hudec Dental was working on moving their support staff from the Broadview Road office to a new location in Brecksville. Mike told Ed that Hudec was looking for a driver and the rest is history!

A normal day for Ed starts out at the Hudec Dental support location, Diversident, in Brecksville. He then drives to the Hudec Dental partnered lab, Cooperative Dental Lab, and picks up the lab cases to be distributed to his various offices, and delivers them to each respective office. Any other inter-office mailings and documents are also trusted to Ed, allowing Hudec Dental to provide excellent and speedy support to not only our patients, but also our staff! His favorite part about working for Hudec Dental is interacting with all of the team members at each office. His advice to new hires is to “always have realistic expectations at work, and try to make a difference.” That same advice was given to him by Dr. Hudec and has always resonated with him.

When Ed isn’t working, he is an avid bowler (check out his bowling team below!), loves to golf, fish, enjoys scuba diving and underwater photography, and spectating sports. Actually, his favorite thing to do in Cleveland is go to watch the Cleveland Browns play! He also tries to travel as often as he can, Hawaii being his favorite destination, followed by anywhere in the South Pacific. Family is another defining characteristic of Ed. He has been happily married to his wife, Donna, for 39 years. They have 3 children and six grandchildren.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Ed just like we have over the years!

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