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Dental anxiety happens because patients see doctors and hygienists as practitioners only. Our goal at Hudec Dental is to assure our patients that we’re the experts in the industry, and their smiles are our number one priority. To make them more comfortable with our staff, each month we’re going beyond the titles to share who our employees really are. This month’s featured employee is an exceptional hygienist, a great mom, and a delightful friend and coworker. Enjoy!

Sandra Pierce is a registered Dental Hygienist who is currently serving smiles in our Lutheran office and has also seen patients at our Lakewood, Mentor, Middleburg Heights, and Midtown offices. “My days look like organized mayhem,” says Sandra.  “The hygiene life is either smooth and seamless or everything that can happen does. It is part of what keeps you on your toes.” Sandra first heard about Hudec Dental as a child, when she was a patient of Dr. Hudec’s. She was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and adopted at the age of 5. For a short time, she moved around a lot due to her father’s military service, but eventually moved back to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio when she was 6. At the young age of 19, Sandra left Cleveland to join the Navy, and could not wait to explore the world.

Sandra served in the Navy for 5 years and has experienced things that most people cannot even imagine. She describes it as a life-altering experience that she would not change for anything. Along with have military training and education, Sandra was also a communications electrician. She currently has two associates degrees, one Applied Science, one Associates of Sciences. She is also continuing her education by pursuing her Bachelor of Health Science. She has visited/lived in 6 different countries besides the United States, and has spoken many languages including French, Tagalog, some Japanese and has even dabbled in Russian. Although she is interested in sciences, she describes the rest of her amazing family as very artistic with interesting careers. Her 3 brothers and 2 sisters are all artists, musicians, writers, work in theater, movies, etc. She is also the proud mother of a young, creative daughter.

One of her most rewarding moments as a Dental Hygienist was when she had a patient who had a suspicious submandibular swelling and enlarged lymph nodes. After referring him to his primary care doctor, they found it to be a serious issue. The patient later returned to her chair crying and thanking her for saving their life. If they would have waited much longer, it may not have been a treatable situation. Thankfully, Sandra’s encouraging spirit led them to take the situation seriously. Sandra has worked in several dental offices with so many different people, treating multiple patients, and has experienced bountiful diversity with Hudec Dental. Her experience exceeds her years in hygiene.

“My patients inspire me. Every day, with every patient, I strive to be better.” – Sandra Pierce

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