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Give Thanks this Thanksgiving!

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When we think “Thanksgiving,” we think family, food, and football! This season is dear to us, as it marks another year that we have been serving our communities. Hudec Dental is celebrating our 39th year this Thanksgiving, and once again we are reminded how thankful we are for the communities we are a part of, our wonderful patients, and of course, our amazing team.

We know that holiday celebrations and giant meals are not exactly a time when your dental health is at the forefront of consideration…but anytime food is involved, you should be thinking about your teeth! What’s great about Thanksgiving is that you have tons of options to incorporate mouth-friendly foods into your traditional comfort food!

Sesame Oil—this amazing oil has been proven to reduce plaque buildup and strengthen your teeth! Try using it in place of butter on your vegetables and in dishes for a smile-friendly secret in every bite!

Veggies—consider adding a raw veggie tray to your table. Raw, crunchy vegetables encourage saliva production, which washes away the bacteria, sugars and acids from your other thanksgiving favorites, giving your teeth a head start! Things like carrots and broccoli are especially good for this, but also consider adding celery to the menu! The long fibrous strands inside celery serve as a sort of “dental floss” that’ll clean between your teeth while you snack! Check out the end of this post for a fun celery recipe that you can make in minutes!

Nutsit’s a good idea to incorporate nuts into your thanksgiving dishes (assuming there are no allergies in the family of course!) You can add almonds to your stuffing and walnuts to your candied yams, or even fill a bowl with handfuls of peanuts! Nuts are amazing, tooth-friendly snacks that contain a lot of calcium and minerals to keep your smile happy!

Cheese—of course, you can’t go wrong with cubes of cheese! An attractive presentation piece full of a variety of cheeses gives your guests an appetizer that’s not only delicious, but packed with calcium too!

Now, we know your turkey-day table just wouldn’t be the same without your classic staples—like cranberry sauce and candied yams…but beware! Cranberry sauce is high in both sugar and acid, both of which can wreak havoc on your teeth; candied yams are sticky and full of sugar, so remember to proceed with caution and try to brush your teeth as soon as you can after eating! If you’re travelling to a parent or friend’s house, remember to bring a travel toothbrush and paste to stow in a pocket or purse.
Here’s wishing you all the best this holiday season, from the Hudec family to yours!

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