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The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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Stronger, Healthier Gums and Teeth

Crowding of the teeth or gaps between the teeth prevent them from being optimally secured by the gums. Misalignments also make hygiene more difficult. When teeth are very close together or overlap, you may not be able to use floss effectively. When there are gaps, food can get stuck between the teeth more easily. Bringing the teeth into proper alignment eliminates all of those problems so that your teeth and gums can stay healthier.


Reduced Risk of Certain Medical Conditions

Good oral health is part of an overall healthy lifestyle. When your gums are healthier and you’re not constantly battling bacteria and infection from tooth decay, you can reduce your risk of experiencing inflammation in other areas of the body. If you suffer from diabetes or heart disease, maintaining good oral health can reduce the risk of complications. In addition, serious health conditions such as stroke and pneumonia have been linked to gum disease, so keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible is essential.


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