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Don’t Stress About Your Dental Health: Come Experience Hudec Dental!

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Hudec Dental started in 1977 with the sole purpose of serving the City of Cleveland. Now 40 years and 19 offices later, we are proud to have the same purpose and goal. We often communicate to our patients to “come experience Hudec Dental“, but what does that mean?

  1. When a patient enters our office, they will be greeted by our front staff with a handshake and a smile. We know visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience, but we want you to feel comforted in our offices.
  2. Our office staff will address any questions. The dental experience isn’t always joyous, we get it. We want you to have a complete understanding of the appointment so when you leave us, you trust us!
  3. During your visit, depending on the work needed, you will either see our hygienist or doctor. Either provider will walk you through your procedure to ease your mind. They will also discuss preventative measures that you can follow to protect your teeth. Remember, your oral health affects your overall health.
  4. When your appointment is finished, the office manager or patient coordinator will walk you through your treatment plan. They do an extensive insurance verification before you even arrive so you have an exact understanding of what services are covered. We understand that the dental expense can easily put a dent in your wallet, therefore we also offer options to aid the investment. Some of these options include:
    1. CareCredit- Your very own Health Care Credit Card! This allows you to have a low minimum monthly payment to cover any out-of-pocket costs.
    2. InDent- No Insurance? No Problem! Our Dental Discount Program will give you 30 % off most services and a free exam and x-ray with a low annual membership fee.
  5. Lastly, Leave with a Smile- You experienced Hudec Dental! We want you to Relax & Smile when your visit is complete. Our patient communication is top priority and we work to build and retain relationships with our patients.

Come see for yourself, experience Hudec Dental today. Call us at 216-325-9755. We have 19 locations close to your neighborhood and convenient hours to fit your schedule. We look forward to serving you!


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