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Featured Employee – Linda Stroemple

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At Hudec Dental, we want our patients to feel confident that they are receiving the best care and are treated as our number one priority. We take pride in our caring employees throughout every office, and each month, we choose a “featured employee” to go beyond their titles and to share more about who our employees really are. Our featured employee this month is Linda Stroemple, a Patient Coordinator at our Memphis Ave/Brooklyn office. Enjoy getting to know her! 

Linda grew up in Parma Heights but moved to West Park, Cleveland in 1977. (Fun Fact: the same year Hudec Dental was founded!) She attended and graduated from Normandy High School’s Dental Assisting Program in 1971. Linda first joined Hudec Dental at our very first office on Broadview Road in Cleveland. She was then moved to our Puritas Avenue office in Cleveland, and received valuable training from the office manager, Laurie, that Linda still references today! After spending time at those two offices in the early years of her career, she is now in her 14th year Hudec Dental. Her typical day is busy greeting patients, both new and existing, and helping promote our Hudec1 philosophy “1 patient, 1 priority!”

Linda’s favorite parts of being an employee at Hudec Dental is helping patients feel welcome, for the opportunity to grow within the company, and the amount of fun to be had along with the hard work and dedication the whole team puts in. Her inspiration to achieve the position she is currently in stemmed from two of our long-time employees, Laurie H. and Kelly O.! Just how she received advice from these two ladies, Linda would advise any new hire at Hudec Dental to “smile and always ask for help when you need it so you can learn, understand, and grow.”

When Linda is not at work she enjoys hand crafts, sewing, and exploring Netflix. Her hobbies include dancing, theater, travel, and playing piano! A fun fact about Linda is that she was in one of our Hudec Dental TV commercials! People would also be surprised to learn that Linda studied classical piano for 9 years and was an accompanist for Valley Forge Girls Choir. Her favorite quote is: “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and her dream travel spot is the Bahamas which she will be going to in September on her first cruise!

Linda says that her greatest achievement is raising four children, guiding them through their achievements, and enjoying the celebrations in their lives! Her one granddaughter just enlisted in the U.S. Navy, too! The most important thing that Linda has learned in the last 5 years is that “all things work out in time, don’t sweat the small stuff.” Linda loves to love her four grandchildren, her family dog, and she loves to explore the wonderful city of Cleveland and attend live performances at our iconic theaters.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Linda just as much as we have!

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